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teamtrick music consulting – your personal coach for music industry success

Do you want help taking the next steps in your music career? Are there areas of the industry you don’t fully understand or have contacts in? Do you feel like you’ve got great songs, but need to get them in front of the right people? Do you want an expert on your team to help you learn how to break through to success?

teamtrick consulting is led by industry pros with a combined 30 years of experience. This team has been part of Platinum records, Gold records, ARIA Wins and Nominations, and Grammy Award winning success stories. We work with major labels and publishers, the world’s best agents, the leading indies, the top publicists and radio pluggers, and outstanding producers and mixers – both in Australia and around the world. We’ve been able to secure incredible opportunities for those we work with, with US, UK, European and Japanese record deals, radio play, video play and tours resulting from our mix of contacts and know how.

Our music consulting is tailored to you, and your situation. Whether you aspire to music industry success as a band, a musician, a manager, a record executive, an engineer or a producer, we can help you get there. Whatever you want to achieve in the music industry, we can help you on your way.

teamtrick consulting is tailored to your situation, but our work with you can include:

  • Helping you navigate a difficult industry
  • Get around the gatekeepers and access the people that matter
  • Cut through the industry jargon and industry terms, and the tricks to use them to your advantage
  • Get help refining what you do with action steps to build your music career, one day a time with one action per day over the next year.
  • Saving you from wasting money and time on the wrong publicist, the wrong promotion, the wrong lawyer, the wrong web tools, the wrong manager, the wrong label, the wrong distributor, the wrong producer, the wrong songs, and even the wrong band!
  • We give you a peek behind the curtain of successful artists and music businesses, to help you avoid the traps and prevent that feeling of running on the spot, not getting anywhere. We made plenty of mistakes along the way, and learned plenty of lessons through trial and error. We can help you avoid those same problems and get more results, faster.
  • Our consulting is an honest, experienced 3rd party perspective that will give you an insight into what your next steps are, how you can defeat any roadblocks in your way, and what practical things you can put into action right away to make your music career an enjoyable, healthy and profitable one.

“Pete and Jim from teamtrick were extremely helpful in regards to Epidemic… Over and their career going ahead. As a band manager, I learned an immense amount from their experience and expertise. They had been there and done everything I was currently going through in the development of my artists. It was refreshing to know that they had taken the time to research and to know the artists I was dealing with and they had a wealth of knowledge and strategies to call on to help me find the solutions I needed in the music industry. 10/10, would recommend to anyone that they benefit from dealing with teamtrick!” Tim Price, Pricewar Music

We’re only taking on select clients via our consulting division to ensure we can provide the best advice and attention. To apply, please complete the form below including a facebook/soundcloud link and a brief outline of your music goals.

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